Brave New Weed: Adventures into the Unchartered World of Cannabis | Joe Dolce | Talks at Google

Pot. Weed. Grass. We all think we know cannabis. But do we? Somewhere between the illicit joints and pot brownies, the conversation stopped — and only now …


  1. I personally feel the reason why our Gov't (Congress) doesn't want to decriminalize marijuana and make it legal, is because the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Alcohol Industry has been bribing Congress behind closed doors to not be in favor of decriminalization and legalization. And this is because those industries are afraid their annual profits will drop substantially if Congress did decide to decriminalize and legalize Cannabis usage. The way I see it, the Pharmaceutical Industry feels if Congress did decide to do that, the Pharmaceutical Industry more than likely believe people will no longer would need as much medical products from the Pharmaceutical Industry, such as medicine, since people will have the option of Cannabis that would help them with their medical health problems. In my opinion, the Pharmaceutical Industry's business is not about creating cures, but creating customers.

    As for the Alcohol Industry, they're afraid more people will turn away from drinking alcohol or do less drinking of alcohol in favor of smoking Cannabis instead.

  2. NYC talk doting a little on CA's Prop. 64. Book promises to put one in a more pensive state on cross- commercialization and decriminalization remedy, though I wish there'd been an aside scoping research from Israel within the talk.

  3. I for one can say that I have had a few puffs of weed and it did in fact expand my lungs (I have asthma). It helped A LOT, but that was the last time because I don't want to go to jail. it's prohibited in Alabama.

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