BackPack Sprayer Setup // SPRAY YOUR LAWN With Confidence

New BackPack Sprayer? In this video I show you how to take any backpack sprayer and understand how to use it to spray your lawn. in this video, I’m using a …


  1. Allyn, you "said" at the end that the brass fan tip that you used was best for weed control. I presume that's due to droplet size? Pre-emergent weed control and soil apps (large drops), or post-emergent needing smaller drops? Yesterday, I used my sprayer and the tip that you used for the first time, to spray RGS and Humic. I'm REALLY looking forward to the 3rd installment, especially since the wand connection is metric and most TeeJets that I've looked at are not.

  2. What tip and drop size do you recommend for post emergents? Trying to get rid of Bent grass using Tenacity. Ive been using a blue Turbo Flood Jet at 30 psi. I think I may be appying too large a droplet?

  3. General question from a brand new NUT
    I am not sure if I overlap spray patterns like you describe so I’m using the Approved blue dye to mark the spray pattern. Does this affect the product effectiveness . I also use it to spot treat.
    I am literally. Just starting out to be a NUT.

  4. I used a backpack sprayer for the first time yesterday and now my thighs and back are sore lol. Got my workout and lawn work done at once! I used the Hydretain off of your site for my first application — we'll see how it works 🙂

  5. love the video as always. Allyn- you NEED to review the new Honda HRN216 pushmower… just a BEAST and only $400! Bags a TON of grass due to double cut blade system/bag fills tight and a new 170 CC motor has GREAT power! Love mine, but need a REAL professional review

  6. By the way…..Blues Brothers Briefcase full of Blues is Prime Mowing Album!!!! But your straight lines might go crooked because you want to dance like Belushi while mowing or spraying!!!!!

  7. Since the brass tip you use is not spraying the volume you want, why not just drill the orifice size bigger. Brass is easy to drill and you should be able to slowly up the drill size until you get the flow rate you desire.

  8. I have had the M4S sprayer for 2 years now and the variable pump is nice. The tank seal at top failed right away. I wish I had bought another as the wands and threads on it are not standard so you are stuck with the cheap fittings and adapters they sent with it even after paying for the upgraded sprayer fitting kit. To use other sprayer tips I would have to rebuild the hose. It just felt like the different tips seemed cheap. I call them the Tonka spraying kit. I stopped using it for lawn spraying and only use it now with the adjustable tip and Pest Control.

  9. Get part 3 up already! haha! Great work Allyn. I recently purchased the My4Sons sprayer and used it for a Dismiss application with a Teejet nozzle. Absolutely a dream to run. Love the fact I no longer have to pump to keep the pressure regulated. Looking forward to your nozzle recommendations.

  10. Would like to see you review GCI Turf spray nozzles with this sprayer. Pete claims you can get an eight foot wide spray from the spray tips he sells. Thanks for the sprayer review and tips on how to use. On a side note, would be good to show your viewers how you determine how wide a spray pattern each tip provides. This will help in knowing the space between each row you spray. Thanks again.

  11. A basic two speed pump is going to be better for most people and easier to calibrate. With that variable speed knob, you are never going to get the same exact speed/pressure every time — unless you want to re calibrate before every spray job.

  12. The engineer in me is compelled to comment: measuring a full gallon once will be more precise than averaging 3 separate quarts. Assuming similar measurement error for both time and volume under each condition, a single, larger spray will be closer. Of course, averaging 3 one gallon sprays would be even better.

  13. I like the M4S sprayer, but found all tips useless except the brass fan. Also, the gallon marks on mine were not correct so I measured out 1 gallon at a time and made new marks, may want to check yours also.

  14. Thanks for posting the video. I will be walking sections of my lawn that I have sectioned as zones on paper to calculate my walking pace. Can't wait to see how the aftermarket tips you have work on part 3. I am truly a lawn nut!! Lol

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