1. Beautiful garden man! I've been watching a lot of your videos from this year and last year and love the content. Im also in MI and this is my first year growing. I would say my plants have pretty similar flower development and my question is do you expect to start chopping in another few weeks? I know the basics to watch for trichs but I'd love to hear from someone as experienced as yourself or anyone following the channel. I saw last year you started staged harvesting on certain plants as early as the beginning of October. So my question is with your eye and experience do you expect to be doing the same again this year? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

  2. I'm moving to Michigan (swm) in February. Do you think it'd be worth it to build a huge greenhouse? Its pretty costly to build one tall enough and long enough to accommodate 12 plants for full season. Or do you think I'd be able to get 2 runs with light dep.

    I'm just worried about budrot and pm, but it seems like yours are doing fine so maybe a greenhouse isn't worth it for my first year especially being kinda strapped on cash?

  3. What the hell are you talkin about you're going to get about five tons of that last plant that is beautiful I don't know what the f*** you're doing I want to do what you're doing rock on Huey 707 Trump 20/20

  4. Your killing it man. Those are some wide fat beasts for sure. That mantis looked badass. I need more fans. I also been defoliating the mildew away as well and spraying. Too much rain not enough sun, its gonna happen a little here and there. 👍✌

  5. Im near jackson and im rowing the pm boat also iv been fighting with neem oil but since im late into season going to switch to safer caterpillar killer it helps against bud rot i hate spraying my girls with anything but powdery mildew can cause some serious problems if it gets bad iv got a roof with fans over half my crop and im still battling the war good luck my man

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