Why I Stopped Smoking Weed… (Life Changing) || How Do I Feel After Six Months???

What’s up youtube, in this video i talk about how being sober for 6 months has been and the life changing results thats came so far. I also explain why i #stopped …


  1. The biggest problem is that it’s virtually impossible to quit if you don’t want to. I’ve been trying to get my friends to atleast slow down but they gotta want to do it themselves or they’ll never stop

  2. I had to stop for a hair test, not gonna say weed is terrible or the new crack. But it’s hard enough to create the life you want without any distractions and weed just made the life I had somewhat fun when that’s time, money, and energy I could use to live the way I want

  3. I was smoking weed pretty much every day for 2 years straight and i havent smoked now for 20 days now, anxiety and depressions been through the roof just hoping i do start to feel better

  4. This is my first day being sober in a long time I hope I’m strong enough specially with the first 3 weeks every time I try I go back because the first week is so bad specially during quarantine thank you for this video ✨

  5. I wish my boyfriend would understand this. I feel bad for him… He cant/doesnt want to live without it. But honestly after wainting for 3 years im fed up with this. If he wont stop im finishing because i cant imagine to have addicted as father of my future Kids etc.

  6. Im happy he mentioned the nicotine in the blunts. Alot of people dont realize alot of cigars wraps like swishers and white owls are made from tobacco which contains nicotine. Thats why its hard for alot of people to stop.

  7. Bro I’ve been smoking for 9 years since I was a sophomore in high school and I recently decided to stop it’s been a whole month with out smoking and it has been tough bro! I been having trouble sleeping I’ve been having mood swings the withdrawals are crazy but I am trying improve myself for my lady and my momma

  8. I quit smoking and it feels so good I haven’t smoked for like 6or7 weeks. It feels good and I like it but I feel almost exactly the same way when I’m smoking there’s depression in my life regardless it’s not my first time taking a beak I like to take breaks every now and then for a good 2 months and go back to smoking.when I go back to smoking I smoke everyday i love the feeling.when I take breaks from smoking every day it’s not even challenging I love the dreams

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