When to Harvest Marijuana

This video will hopefully give everyone a good idea on what your tricombs should look like when you havrvest… there are three different stages if tricombs the …


  1. Bro Help ! i have experimental outdoor pot plant that i planted in April.i didnt have time to water it properly so she is behind.she still have white tricomes and looks like it will never get milky and darker !! its late October and temp is going under 15c !! maybe because cold weather she cant finish ? what do you suggest i do ? put her inside the house close to window and wait ?

  2. Best advice I've ever got??? Your gonna get better and better each time you grow ,,,, so just keep an eye on your babies at alll times and trust me you'll do just fine !! Also ,,, there are so many ways and so many opinions, so why not make your own strain raise your way??? Yes folks it's just that easy !

  3. The time between stages depends on the strain but you can watch then start to turn from clear to milky because they will not all change at one time so when they are all milky it is a good time to harvest, and when they are all milky they will begin to turn amber when you start to see amber you should take it within 7days don't let out go any longer because then the heads of the tricombs begin to fall off and u will lose thc!

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