1. It is TREASON! All the family members in a cage because of a plant? All the families destroyed so those on top can bank! My heart breaks there is so much suffering because those on top don't want to share! How can they even be human? To help others is to care and to love ….

  2. When those who risked their lives, actually did the breeding, as well as saving of the priceless genetics, are no longer able to make their rent, something is wrong! The Money that is in the hands of the cartels, as well as the criminals in law enforcement, have all but made it impossible to survive these New times. After being busted, taken for all we have ever made and than beaten down some more by crooks and cops, what is left in the market place is Chemically grown, Cancer causing schwag! It will take decades before the public is educated enough to put these crooks out of business, as well as to be able to taste the difference, so refuse their garbage. In the meantime, except for a few, the majority of the outlets and growers are gangsters. They also play very rough. Thankfully there are a few who have paved the way to integrity, Harborside and a few others have made transparency and Certification of clean growing their center. Thank You for sharing this, many of us who have always seen this plant as a Sacrament have lived this all their awakened lives.

  3. I wish that the marijuana legalization conversation included control of public smoking of the drug.

    Many informed people, mothers, children, young adults and adults do not want to be exposed to second hand sources of these psychoactive compounds found in the drug.

    While people's freedom to choose to take these drugs for whatever purpose needs to be respected, so does people's freedom to be free from second hand exposure of drugs.

    PLEASE – Limit public smoking of marijuana to protect from unwanted second hand exposure!

  4. Thrive is a global movement right? wel I sugest then to spesify where "you can!" as this is only relevant for USA as far as the information in this video goes. The world is bigger then USA;) just saying.

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