1. This is great! I have epilepsy and have had about 2-300 in the past 6 months. Have tried about 6 different medications with a ton of negative side effects. I would love to see this legalized or at least accessible medically

  2. Never Will Happen in Virginia,
    George Washington & Thomas
    Jefferson LEGALLY Grew Cannabis; Now spinning in their graves over Fascist Police State tactics.
    Time To End Prohibition Nationally NOW 6630507
    proves US Government hypocrisy/ # is patent Owned
    by US Government (HHS) in 2002 for CBD as a neuroprotectant. So Why Is
    Cannabis STILL A Schedule 1

  3. This is amazing. As a veteran with PTSD, I would like to get on board with pushing for medical marijuana. For now, I will be at lobby day in Richmond Va in an effort to decriminalize and hopefully get my local senator on board for medical marijuana. If we could save one veterans life by allowing access to medical marijuana in Virginia, I believe we should do so

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