1. i made it past the first week, but it was hell. the first 3 nights i could not sleep, i would get like 3-4 hours max. i was really irritable and my thoughts would race like crazy. i would also wake up in a cold sweat sometimes. i would exercise/ do yoga and that helped quite a bit. second week i’m sleeping better but i’m having some stomach problems and still having trouble on focusing on things. i also noticed that my heart rate could be high at times from doing the simplest things like washing my face in the am. this is all temporary and i know i’m going to feel so much better after all of this! thanks for this video

  2. Day 2 no smoking was the worst so far for me! I was spitting out stinky mucus all day , food would make me nauseas just THINKING about it.. Surprisingly , by NIGHT 2 and DAY 3, my appetite shot back! And I'm so happy. It's morning 3 for me. I do believe orange juice with pulp, vanilla ensures or boost , progresso chicken soup and yogurt works wonders !!! Maybe that's what brought back my appetite . I noticed it came back in my sleep by night 2 😂 I literally wanted to wake up and eat a whole turkey . Day 3 same thing. I think you have to start off with soft food it's easier for the body to handle . You should write down your cravings and immediately act apon them. Cause sometimes what you're craving , is what your body really needs. 💜 such an intimate journey on re- getting to know yourself .

  3. Once i quit after smoking for a long time and last month of that period i smoked like crazy all day as much as i could since i had unlimited stash at the time. I got so bad withdrawals i was sweating all the time like crazy, not just at nights, all day. Couldnt eat much, but i learned that hitting gym really helped me on eating at least a bit more. And the weirdest thing was that my resting heart rate was really high for like 2 weeks and i couldnt find anything about it on internet at the time so i didnt believe it could be weed, and it made me paradoid as F. Also my blood pressure was higher than normal for a good week or so. I didnt even start dreaming until like half way of week 2 and then my quality of sleep was really bad for long time after that, now its ok tho. But i really want everyone to know that u can actually have high heart rate and blood pressure from quitting but it will go away after few weeks. Atleast it made me so anxious thinking that my heart has something wrong in it, even tho it was only the withdrawals.

  4. Thanks for the video, it helps to just hear someone tell you these things. I'm on day 3. Had a dream last night that I was peeling a baseball bat like a banana.. yeah.

  5. 88 days sober then 1 day decided to smoke before a run and it turned into 1 month. Day 2 for me without weed and I have anxiety (feels like its over my chest) my appetite is gone completely and I have these sad thoughts. Thanks for the hope and great videos.

  6. Yeah I quit in accident and thought I was dying 😂…. Physical shaking, lightheadedness ,dizziness, extreme blood pressure, increased heart rate, sometimes I'll just be chilling and all of a sudden I feel like leftover THC gets released into my bloodstream and I'm high again. I smoked mainly vape cartridges which are high potency for two-and-a-half years straight. I'm 3 weeks in and it's getting better. However it's still a struggle I feel like I'm on a different planet.

  7. Spent the last two days rolled up
    In a ball being sick, I’m healthy but I was smoking a 3.5 a day for while and now I’m off for 3 days just stopped being sick, I started throwing up regularly with no apparent reason looked it up and it could have been that cyclic vomiting syndrome

  8. I'm on day 2, at hospital due to not having anything in my body (no-nutrients/dehydrated)

    Cold sweats for sure, I've been having General weakness for the past 2 days.
    My heart races and gets strong(even though it shows fine on the monitor)then I get thrown into a panic attack:( ,
    I cant eat, or drink.

  9. I always get some weird ass goosebumps and feel extremely cold when I try to stop smoking I literall feel sick idk why people say there is no physical withdrawals from marijuana use

  10. I smoke about a half ounce ever week for about 8 to 10 years, 3 days ago I decided to stop because I'm gonna be a father.. What I've been going thru is somthing I never thought I'd go thru with marijuana.. The night sweats, cold sweats, anxiety thru the roof, restlessness, insomnia, all are things I'm going thru right now. Along with that I can not eat even if I try it's just not appetizing.. I will win this fight but it's even harder with covid right outside my door in NYC worst time to quit but I have to

  11. I’m a 18 year weed smoker and vaper and I’m giving up now again a second time this year as I have a horrible stomach condition caused by cannabis, it even has a name now cannabinoid induced something..

  12. He doesn't mention this but the most heavy users who quit will have trouble regulating their body temperature during the day as well. I know this because Im on day 3 and im cold on a warm day (goosebumps) and still sweating, I also have friends who have experienced this as well. ive quit many times before and experienced all the other symptoms but this one is new, im still not sure whats worse insomnia or this?

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