1. Smoked cannabis for 20 years never missed a day I get up I go to work I spend time with friends and family I have no mental issues nor any motivation issues doctors don't like admitting they messed up and prescribed deadly opioids instead of the naturally healing plant matter as they would face legal proceedings

  2. The problem is is marijuana is an epidemic especially in the minority communities and Police are tired of having to throw people in jail and do paperwork and waste taxpayer Payers money on these burnouts!
    And saw your normal law abiding non-drug addict citizens have to deal with these invalids and society

  3. Ok so too much alcohol kills you right? Too much weed makes you hungry and sleepy.. Thousands of examples like this but they dont care. Lets advertise beer and liqour. Lets make new pills with worse side effects than what its supposed to cure. This is America

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