1. When i lost my faith and become atheist i accepted i would rather be miserable in my life than try to use an imaginary person as an excuse. its not that i failed its that god is testing me or something good happened so god rewarded me. A lot of people go nowhere in their life because they are waiting for god to take care of them. or they get super depress when something like 9/11 happens and then they are like why did god let something so horrible happen? well its simple because there isnt a god OR if there is one he is too busy doing important shit to care about what we do down here. Its so ignorant to think that even if there is a creator we are the center of that creators universe he has nothing more important to do than to watch what we are doing on a daily basis. if someone created us that being is off creating other shit they already did their job what we do with the life given us is on us. we dont need some cosmic babysitter

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