Make your own High Viscosity Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridges with Terpenes

Watch us turn shatter into a high concentrate thc vape oil with only terpenes as an additive – no MCT, VG or PG required to dilute the oil. Watch us make 50:50 …


  1. I had a problem with true terpenes there product made some of my shatter like sugar up clogging my coils looking like it turned to sand separating so is de carb a way to avoid this?

  2. Is the decarbing any different if I'm using live Rosin? Are there any "neutral" terpene profiles I could use? I'm extracting live Rosin and basically want the cleanest "cut" I can get to get it to an ecig juice.

  3. Do you have any samples? These look dope but I'm hesitant to make my vape cartridges with something I found on the Internet. All my local shops from dispos to glass shops have either no idea what I'm talking about or don't have anything to make cartridges with.

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