1. I've never liked mushrooms. They always made me paranoid. Like my most trusted friends were "out to get me".
    I have no history of psychosis, family or otherwise, and it's the exact opposite of how I normally view people.
    That being said: I'd vote for decriminalization in a second. But then again, I feel that way about any drugs. Consenting adults should be free to decide for themselves.
    And to that uniformed politician spewing the "slippery slope" fallacy: what could be bigger government than putting millions of otherwise law abiding citizens in cages? Cause I sure can't think of anything.

  2. im from boston and im a ……american who uses and grows cannabis mushrooms to treat my pain and other things i dont sell drugs i just use to treat my own ailments but i can be arrested because others dont have self control ……. maybe we should out law everything that anybody finds a way to hurt themselves or someone else …. i hurd people sniff paint lets get rid of all the paint

  3. I totally am for this…. actually I’m thinking about trying to grow some myself, and take it micro dosing. I haven’t figured out a good source for spores, But I’m very fascinated with Magic Mushrooms 🍄

  4. Wait… why would I want psilocybin to be administered to me by someone who hasn't taken it themselves? How would a "Medical Professional" know (any better than I would after the trip) what or how to gauge any positive or negative or static treatment parameters? "Medicalization" is simply ridiculous on its own merit, and the only person who could get any benefit from it would be the "sucker with the bread the buy it."

  5. I’m telling you, I used these once, a while ago, so I’m not an avid user defending my favorite substance, but these can do light years better than any prescription anti depressant on the market. These need medical legalization, their prohibition is the least logic based thing I’ve ever seen.

  6. the reason there are so few arrest is because the stuff is out of your system so fast . Also yeah just decriminalizes it you would be surprised how many people are growing and doing shrooms LOL oh you really would either I am in a hot spot (doubt it ) or most of that 42,000 is in my state that hasn't decriminalized anything yet.

  7. I don't understand why in these videos the narrator speaks so quickly like they are running out of time. If there is a time limit, cut some words out. The way it is read like a student reading outloud in class really takes away from the message.

  8. Maybe just ignore the issue and people grow and use it quietly and help others with it, kinda of like what has been going on for 40 years – government might just screw the whole application of psilocybin up and make a big horrific public mess of it.

  9. I believe we should study it in order to fully decriminalize it so we can fully explore its medicinal and theraputic "application" because the iformation should be at least advanced enough to legalize it.That the point.But I think the main obvioua flaw to deal with outright is keeping it away from psychptic prone people.Instead of issuing a medical license for it.You ahould need to be certified that you have been given a psychological evaluation before you are given a card allowing you to buy mushrooms.Basically tou shpuld not be schitzophrenic, probably not bipolar, or have MPD.You dont wanna be disconnectes from reality.There are more rare disorders to look for bit this argument is long enough I think ive made my point.

  10. I do agree with the position that we should decriminalize recreational use and not just put them under the protection of medicinal use. I want more legal drugs, it needs to happen yesterday. I hate that people are spending years in jail just for using an herb or whatever that occurs in nature for their own recreational purposes. I get the risks, but so much about life involves calculated risks that can backfire. Why should this be any different?

    I am both surprised and not surprised that Oregon hasn't done this sooner. On the one hand, lots of shrooms and other recreational drugs there. On the other, also tons and tons of VERY conservative republicans.

  11. I just really want more research done on psilocybin mushrooms. I have depression, anxiety and get bad migraines. All things that psilocybin can help with where conventional medications have failed me. I just want help.

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