MA Medical Marijuana Review – MCT Oil Tincture (THC) by Alternative Compassion Services

Sup Doods, Today, I review some THC-based MCT Oil Tincture from Alternative Compassion Services in Bridgewater, MA. ACS website: …


  1. I got a 1000mg kind in a 30ml bottle. Each ml is 33.3 mg of thc. I checked with a calculator it comes out to 999. Going to take half. Try it out. Tastes like absolutly nothing. No oil no weed. Not greesy. Its just pure water. water. No taste at all.. i cant seem to find any videos about 1000 mg hard to find videos on this sruff. Honest

  2. I'm interested in trying an indica tincture to see if it will help me relax and sleep. But I'm kinda nervous because last year I tried a weed sucker (my first ever weed experience) that had 25mg total of THC in it and I sucked down 3/4s of it and after a while I was seriously fucked up for like 5 hours straight. It was so bad I thought I was literally going to die. Paranoia and anxiety through the roof. Uncontrollable fear. Extremely high BP & pulse. etc. I don't want to go through that hell again. So if I do end up trying the indica tincture, I think I'm going to start out with a tear drop size amount and hope it doesn't royally fuck me up again.

  3. Hey Fred, I'm a seasoned pothead but a novice when it comes to understanding tinctures. There is so much info out there that this "should be easy" process has me scratching my head a bit. For example, decarboxilation,

  4. So I recently got some coconut oil based tincture that is only THC, and I’ve looked into sublingual administration, so I hold it under my tongue for like 3 to as long as 8 minutes to try and get as much of it to pass through my mouth, rather than through my GI tract, and I haven’t had the best results. The most recent dosing I’ve done was 4 mL and I was peaking at about 5 or 6 hours after ingesting. I know that seems weird, but that’s what happened. I’m not new to edibles, but this is my first time with tincture

  5. Hey ! Question ? I’m a newbie to medicinal cannabis with CBD & THC tinctures , well cannabis altogether. I have one tincture if CBD and one tincture of THC , I haven’t started the THC yet & only started the CBD yesterday . Can I take both together ? If so how much can I take of THC on my first go ? Thankyou 😘 oh and BTW I’m treating MDD , anxiety and chronic pain

  6. Hey now why you bashing home based products.
    Most of these companies were doing this in their house before legalization. These bigger companies are taking short cuts.

    Most shatter is made with ethanol/butane. I've never been a fan of it yet. But I made my own oil with Everclear which is a cooking based product with no dangers. Came out great. Next I'm gonna make this MCT oil. Again all food grade products.

    They only difference is the potency. But I still question if they even know their potency.
    Look at the CBD market right now.
    All claimed it was CBD only, now most have been found to all contain THC which anyone could of told you that.

    Great vid man.
    Thanks for you thoughts!

  7. Bought some tinctures today for the first time in years here in California. Small company named Cousin Andy. They sell CBD products online, but he sells THC products locally through a collective on WeedMaps lol.

    Super tasty; he uses coconut oil + agave in his tinctures, so the neutral taste is eliminated with a pleasant berry-ish taste — and long lasting @ 1000 mg (17 mg per dropper, around 60 droppers per 2 oz bottle). Great quality medicinal product.

    What a time to be alive for a stoner lmao.

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