KingofthePaupers: Marijuana regrows brain cells for Alzheimer's

Dr. Wenk (U. Ohio) 2006 study says marihuana’s anti-inflammatory benefits help Alzheimer’s; Dr. Zhang (U. Sask.) 2006 study shows neurogenesis (new brain …


  1. too much stigma hear in the UK. YouTube and websites etc are the only place to know about this subject. main media here never even mentions anything. And there's more evidential benefits than anything else. Great video btw

  2. Everyone argues "oh but why not try EVERYTHING ELSE before turning to marijuana? Oh and when you DO turn to marijuana, try it out in our patented pill form."

    FUCK YOU you aren't going to tell me how to use marijuana. As if a naturally growing plant is so much worse than your highly addictive pills. FUCK YOU PHARMA! Also, for anyone that argues with you "It's still smoke herp de derp". Tell them: Vaporizer. Baked edibles. Stupid people will try anything to argue against marijuana.

  3. @magnusalexa now i am the one laughing at all of them who criticised me
    Jct: The outlaws live, the suckers who trusted their leaders die. Har har har. Just like the poor kids who don't have WIFI and cell phones radiating their genitals will have normal kids and the rich kids won't. That's one way God's getting the 1%.

  4. @endthedrugwar You make me proud of humanity!
    Jct: That's because I'm chopping at the root. And I see the machine taking big hits. Africa trading with cell-phone minutes, who needs bank accounts and interest-bearing chips? I was eagerly awaiting the switch from Hell to Heaven but now it looks like the first 25,000 years are going to be hiding and cleaning up the plutonium.

  5. Jct: It's a threat to the pharmaceutical industries, forestry, petroleum, cotton. The reason reason it is prohibited is not that it is harmful when it is startlingly beneficia. Just yesterday, Feb 1, on The Doctors, we found out it had miraculous results on an autistic kid. Cancer, MS, epilepsy, Alsheimer, now autism? And it's illegal with no rational reasoning for its ban other than that's the way they were conditioned to think 70 years ago.

  6. Jct: You got seizures from smoking herb? Herb usually prevents seizures as it relaxes. Regardless of the effect on others, who has the right to tell me what I can and cannot ingest in my little own world if it isn't hurting anyone else?

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