Invigorating CBD Oil Face Massage Techniques | For Skin Care and Circulation

Welcome, my friends! I’m Jen Hilman. Today I’m going to show you some CBD face massage techniques to help tone the muscles in your face, to help improve …


  1. A few folks below cracking jokes on the hair,under the armpit.
    Look i dont even care as Jenn is mad cute.Besides i encourage modern day ladies to go unshaven.Chewbacca is the new sexy in 2020.So i wanna see mini afro bush action going on in those pits.Let it go free!
    Eff the man & his dollar shave club rules!😂

  2. Funny cause my mom always told me not to lift up my eyebrows cause that creates those lines and wrinkles on your forehead!! To this day my mom is 64 and she doesn't have any wrinkles there and I'm 41 and I don't either!! She said "don't lift your eyebrows….lift your forehead skin instead!!" xD xD It's kinda like if you are trying to wiggle your ears and you forehead skin go up instead!! xD I have to say it does work and most of the people my age and older have wrinkles showing there while having their face at rest!! But I would love to use that skin product for a facial massage Jen!

  3. Hey Jen you always produce great stuff and i have a huge crush on you as well! Do you think/feel CBD oil massage would help with myalgias and arthalgias? And are you going to incorporate those oils in your massages?

  4. it seems like massage/stretching the skin would create more wrinkles? my skin is aging as i'm into early 40's. i have many crows feet- not that i worry, but my skin is definitely thinning and loosening :/ how to firm?

  5. I love a good facial massage. The desert stone website doesn't exist so I contacted them through their Facebook page. Thanks Jen for the video, maybe do a wee yoga nidra next, please? 🧘‍♀️💕🧘‍♀️💕

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