Inside Upstate CBD Oil Processing Facility "SC Botanicals"

After the passing of the 2014 Farm Bill, the SC Department of Agriculture’s hemp pilot program allows farmers and processing facilities to harvest and process …


  1. I’d like to point out that hemp is “marijuana” but it is not rich in THC, either way it’s “marijuana” hemp is still weed so differentiating between the two shouldn’t be “hemp” vs “marijuana”

  2. Anyone has detail analysis report of Oil & Seeds of Plants of Hemp & Cannabis showing content of THC & CBD ? If yes, please do post it here for academic purposes presently and also in future for commercial uses wherein no prevalent regulatory laws in the Country and State are broken.

  3. Cbd is a beautiful thing. But as everything it's a process and should be done properly. It's not always about money, but quality, that's just a perk that comes with it…

  4. That is some of the most horrendous any type of flower ive seen. I had better flower from plants I never tended too. And those stems and leaves should be removed before cure so the plant cures properly… stems and leaves as such gives headaches… and he throws them through that ghetto vaccum/grinder to give the most refined garbage as possible… discusting… y I'd rather grow my own as oppose to trust any of these fools.

  5. You get the extractors from MRX so stop lying to the people.and the pesticides arnt checked eather there no way your can check all of it cause all that grown is industrial so your feeding and pesticides and can look it up your self.they dont have the help to check all .more mold and chemicals than anything.these plants mold easy so cut it out .

  6. What pesticides does only co2 extraction remove? Seems like a fishy statement considering that hemp pesticide is not even a thing. And what's this ethanol consumption scare, but a marketing ploy for co2 equipment? #stoplying

  7. I can press cbd just like that at 220 degrees with 10 tons of pressure at 25 pounds every 30 seconds. Why is that not legal commercially its cleaner and pure extract. Then that could be distilled to be even more pure I dont get it. I know that you super critical co2 extraction is giving you a shit yield and that thing is fucking expensive. Hmm interesting looks like I'm gonna have to spend some money to get a law changed

  8. Ethanol evaporates at 172 degree's Mr. Use big words to confuse those who have zero idea what you are saying. Super Critical Co2 does not get anywhere near 100% of all the goods you want out of the plant matter being used. Ethanol does, and can be removed 100% from end product only leaving behind ALL of the goods from the plant. There is a reason why pure ethanol was used by alchemist's since the most ancient of times to extract from this plant, and that is because it get's everything you want out, kills any bacteria and viruses as well, you get all your terpenes, all your actives and flavonoids , but you say you do not want that grassy smell and taste…. hmmmm, simple science, UV light destroys chlorophyll smell, taste, and color. Ethanol is far superior. Not to mention using the ancient method used by alchemist's and herbalists since the dawn of medicine you reclaim 97-99% of that ethanol water content depending. now if one had access to 100% pure ethanol you would get 99.5-99.9 percent return on solvent and be left with only a vat of pure dark medicine filled oil that will be far superior than anything Co2 can pump out. Not to mention SAVE SAVE SAVE on solvent. If one really wanted to go green would not this choice be the only choice?? Doubtful you are getting a reclaim ratio close to 100% on that poison gas you are using to pump out inferior oil. And by poison I do not mean to the atmosphere, I mean to human beings. A Medium Sized Volcano pumps out in one eruption as much CO2 in one eruption that humans have pumped into the atmosphere since the dawn of the rail road till this moment right now in April 2019, but stand in a closed room and turn that CO2 on full blast and tell me it is a safe option to use, no one reading this would live to tell us how that turned out sadly, that is what kinda poison I meant, but the main fact being it does not get ALL the goods out is my concern, my pitch, and is truth above all truth. Time and time again it has proven to be. Our ancient alchemical brothers and sisters could make CO2 gas, and Hydrogen, as well as Oxygen and many others, all were tried, ethanol won the show then and it still wins today. But with the age of lets ask google everything and not many people picking up books and studying the source material we get things like this. I could make oil much better than his 50000 dollar device in my kitchen, and NO I am not joking or trolling I would be willing to do a demonstration all with total control factors and test end product live and see which is the superior extract base. Any takers?

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