How To Use the Bialetti Venus Moka Pot Espresso Coffee

Learn How To Make Coffee on the Bialetti Venus Moka Pot. An All Stainless Steel Moka Pot that will work on Induction Cooktops and Brew Delicious Espresso.


  1. Amazon just delivered my Bialetti Venus 6 cup. Tried right away and it had two small gasket leaks! Yeah it was tight no grounds on mating surfaces, I’ll try again tomorrow morning!

  2. I've had a moka pot for a few months now and was brewing a cup of coffee when I noticed that the bubbling sound stopped for no reason, and when I poured the coffee out there was a ringing sound, like an object hitting the moka pot from the inside. Has anyone else experienced this?

  3. My Venus bialetti is coming out coffee in just one side of the "tunnel" thingy inside of it. It seems like one side would be clogged… But I have tried cleaning it and nothing.

    Looking better, seems like one side is almost closed, compared to the opposite side, where I can definitely see the opening…

  4. Hi Joshua, we bought a Bialetti Venus a month ago and were very pleased with results. But since a day or two the sealing between the upper and lower container is leaking, meaning the coffee comes out from the side and spills over the furnace. Our Bialetti is new and we can’t see anything broken. Did we misplace the rubber O-ring inside? What do you think?

  5. Hi there! It seems that the Venus does not produce as much crema as the brikka…however, my Italian friends recommended me this one because it is stainless steel and the brikka is aluminium, which is less durable. What do you think? Could there be a way to produce some crema with the venus or not? And should I be worried about the longevity of the brikka if I’d go with it? Thanks!

  6. Well, two comments.

    1. Don't press the coffee. Fill it so it is still fluffy. If you want an espresso use an espresso machine not a Moka.

    2. Are you crazy cleaning the coffee collector from the inside? Do not do that. After a few weeks you will have a build up of coffee fat on the inside. This means that new coffee will not touch the metal, protecting the flavor.

  7. Don't press it. Every Italian will say the same. Water just below the valve, to touch it but not to come to the middle of it. Really low fire, ideally gas cause you can regulate the temp. better. On a ceramic stove, I use one ring to heaten up the water and then I put on the other one which is on low temperature… Because it cannot cool down so fast, so the coffee will go out too quickly. Oh believe me, I've mastered this 😀
    Recommended commercial coffees for this coffee pot – Lavazza Red (70%arabica30%robusta) and Gold (100%arabica), the basic Lavazza is not so good, Pellini top (this one is great).

  8. I've made one nice cup out of 20 with this, I'd love to know what I'm doing wrong. Although I did notice the grind appears to be a lot finer from the video you've shown. Used a bialetti Moka pot for years with no problems. Any ideas?

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