How to make Medical Marijuana Pills or Cannabis Capsules (The better version)

I made a better video, the last one was made when I was right out of the hospital with a very amateur video operator. Since the first one got such a great …


  1. “The finer you grind it The stronger pills are going to be” what fucking bullshit y’all guys should take it somewhere else to get educated on medical marijuana the techniques she uses are not the best for making medical grade cannabis pills

  2. Simple and straight to the point this video is perfect. Sad to see some of the dumb comments, like you cant placebo your way out of having seizures or how its mostly plant matter. If the trimmings were frosty they have a ton of trichomes, trichomes are little mushroom like structures that contain the thc, cbd, etc. Its all basic knowledge and some common sense. I read you generally want 2-5mg to start so grinding buds is a sure way to miss that target, much easier with trims since they contain less trichomes. Will def try this thanks to the help of the video. Didnt know it was that easy.

  3. Andrea I'm sorry you are so angry I'm sorry that you're having a tough time and maybe Thanksgiving wasn't appropriate for you or you're upset but attacking me doesn't get you anywhere you'll be okay have a beautiful son nice mom and I hope God knows who you're with but take one step at a time remember those who attack those for no reason or really angry and upset with themselves have a great day

  4. This is dumb you need an oil for better bioavailability, plus she's using leaves not even decent trim and then just putting the dust in a pill can we say placebo effect I just made some with decarbed bho and olive oil and I'm lit

  5. Placebo…. like others have said, try something that contains active (key word) ingredients…. decarb' your stuff (flower not leaves….not even sugar leaves).

    great setup though on the video aspect!!!!

  6. Interesting that these seem to help you since you're mostly consuming plant matter it looks like. Personally I want a rosin oil cap or at least kief/hash capsule. Also you might want to try baking some for a little longer… say 30 minutes at 240F for a more activated version..

  7. First of all you won't heal your self with trimmings. You need EXTRACT the CBD THC-A and the other cannabinoids that the plant has (minus the THC). I think you guys need to do a little more research on making cannabis pills.

  8. I feel like a grower is the same thing as a drug dealer except less shady since they you probably won't meet in a dark ally way, and they're probably chill people who won't kill you…

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