How to Flavor Bud – Herb – Tobacco – Weed – Reefer – Medical Marijuana

How to Flavor Bud – Herb – Tobacco – Weed – Reefer – Medical Marijuana – Incense Please see our other video on ten most popular popular herb flavors. Brought …


  1. Ty for sharing this information, i have been searching for how to add terpenes to my CBD hemp flower buds. Wanted to add some myrcene terpene to help w muscle relaxation.

  2. Just dont do this. It does flava the herb but its like smoking sonthing fake n personally i think it put potency down. Its just sad someone would promote this you can get proper herb with many wonderfull mouth watering flavours which where organically grow

  3. i dunno sweety…. i like a good flavor in my tobacco some times… or coffee…. a nice honey, vanilla… rum etc. … hazelnut … cappucino…. cmon… . but … when it comes to marijuana… it's own natural flavor is by far the best…. it is itself as fine a taste as any other.. and unique enough it just seems like a strait loss to try to dress it up… .to me.

    good luck though.. and thanks for the video… have seen the flavor oils sold in smoke shops for years…. never tried them, or asked about it, and was thinking about dressing up my tobacco a bit.

  4. Flavored joints, flavored e pens, this has been around for a while. I used to think this was unnatural until I looked into it. What i found was not only is it safe to inhale natural flavors (isolated natural compounds), ///they're the same compounds found when smoking tasty bud.\
    My family has learned countless methods of natural flavor enhancement from Oregon wine growers and native Cherokees, and while it produces delicious product, if adopted by the masses the methods are unsustainable – like bat guano or 'bud candy'. Should molasses still feed your soil life? Yes, but when it comes to flavor, don't dump your money in the soil. Don't kill the planet (I'm looking at you, fertilizers.) Flavor smart, y'all.

  5. Im thinking you should stop acting like youre an expert. oh yeah guys this lady grows a rockin flavor. and the bitch is promoting SPICE you dumb shit go comb your hair

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