First Cannabis Grow weeks 10 – 16 – Flowering Mistakes to Avoid

I’ve documented my first attempt to grow my own cannabis at home to show you what it is like! In this episode we turn down the lights and try to enter the …


  1. Hi – just adding my 2 cents. I'm not an expert grower – I'm still learning how to tell what my plants are telling me. From the condition of the leaves on the clone from start to finish, I see three possibilities for why it died: the soil was kept wet all the time (plants need to cycle through soaking wet and DAMP (not dry) the whole time they're growing); over feeding of some nutrients and underfeeding of others; temperature was above 85 F too often. One last thing to look at would be how fans are being used. From my experience, the proper use of fan(s) is important, too. A gentle breeze that's not pointed directly on the plants keeps the air stirred, helps the plants w/ transpiration so the soil won't stay soggy, and causes just a little constant fluttering which strengthens the stems and stalks. 🙂☮💚🌿

  2. U don't top a plant by cutting the top of it's the middle of the top u pluck out and when u put ur plant in flower u need 12ouwers night pitch black then 12 ouwers daily and hop ur new seed works better bc I grow with fox farm dirt and miricle grow for nutrients

  3. It's a weed! Treat it harshly and all this pH, chemical crap isn't needed if you just treat it as a weed.
    Potting compost mixed with mulch of bracken or coconut husk in a small pot is fine for the initial seedlings. Keep them dry and water very little with a sprayer ..
    Keep the room warm and boil a kettle every few days near them for humidity.
    Keep an indirect fan blowing so they produce strong stems and root.
    When the plant gets to nearly twice the pots height repot them. 17 hrs light 7 hrs dark ..normal rain water works fine.

  4. Looks like a sativa. Thin leaves, tall as hell, and a bit*h to put into flower. They can take 3 to 4 weeks to start budding once you start the 12 hr cycle. SO be patient with them. Indicas are far easier to manage indoors.

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