Fighting Breast Cancer w/Cannabis: Anti-Tumor Effects of Cannabinoid Therapies/ Dr. Cristina Sanchez

“It’s pretty clear to us… that cannabinoids have anti-tumor properties.” Renowned medical cannabis researcher and molecular biologist Cristina Sanchez, PhD …


  1. BRAVO! Finally really good news!!! … My mom is on Femara ( Letrozole ) from ER-positve / HER2-negative breast cancer and it messed her up so much that they hooked her on BENZOS because of side effects of Letrozole ( similar to Tamoksifen ) … She is now of Femara for a week and looking into cannabis treatment … also for benzo detox … Awful what "modern CHEMICAL medicine" can do to you … I pray for my mom and anyone in similar situation … God bless you all!

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