1. FECO extract… Full plant Extract Cannabis Oil… he has cured himself of terminal cancer using this method. It was lung cancer that had gotten to his heart, They drained about a liter of fluids from his heart. He was sure he was going to die within days, found this method and told it would take 60 grams to cure him. Not easy, but he did it, was taking a lot more than this. Wasn't easy. This dose he is showing is for maintenance. He is now over 4 years cancer free!

  2. Wouldn't it be easier to put the rso from the syringe directly onto the toothpick or straight to the capsule? I just eat it straight, rice sized on finger, then i just kinda scrape it onto my teeth and quickly drink it down with water before it gets too warm and all over my mouth stuck everywhere. Mines usually dark black and thick. Tasty!

  3. I live in Britain 😣 where the government churn glasshouses of cannabis out legally to other countries but still make it illegal 🤷‍♀️, can sativa be used in oils? How can you tell between buds? Keep the work up, you sir are lengendary 👌🏼👍

  4. Much more exact dosages can be obtained by mixing 1g oil with 120ml carrier oil like MCT. Fill 20 size 1 capsules totalling 50mg each. Or increase the carrier oil to make as many caps as you want, to determine their strength, divide 1000mg by the number of caps. Simple.

  5. This is the first time I heard of any mention of dosaging. It is remained a mystery after massive amounts of research. Dont know what ailment the dosage is for but helpful none the less.

  6. Those dosages are only about 40% of the dose you say you are making.
    Using this way to measure a single grain of rice would be 3 (three) on that stick of yours as you are missing VOLUME .

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