Cali Kush cbd hemp flower from Black Tie Cbd

This is my review of the CBD strain called Cali Kush. This comes from a company called Black Tie CBD. Nothing is for sale here. I do not sell these products I …


  1. Every strain that includes "Kush" in its name will always be Indica dominant.

    Bonus: Every strain that includes "Haze" in its name will always be Sativa dominant.

  2. I discovered your channel last week and I love your reviews and energy. You need to do a review for apical greens, they have a sale of 55% off with the code “backtoschool?” I got an ounce of cherry mom for $55 after tax

  3. Taz I know we never see you try any concentrates really but lemme tell you that you need to get yourself a dab rig with a quartz nail and try hemp hops orange kush live resin. EASILY one of the best smokes I’ve ever had from taste to smell to effects like holy shit. Anybody reading this I’m tellin you to get it asap

  4. As much as you like sour space candy I recommend you try rogue origin sour space candy it’s the sourest smelling ssc I’ve ever had and the taste is so good I bet it unseats Bakers ranch as your fav

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