1. I love your channel why I love it is you 2 laughing but your wife has the best laugh and it is contagious and it gets you laughing. Keep up the good work we all need a good laugh. Thank you and God bless you

  2. Okay I watch this it Christmas time in 2019 I want to know the game and I'm still laughing so hard I'm crying and I think I'm pissing myself at the same time so guess what Christmas time 2020 you guys are on oh, you guys are so funny thank you we need this nowadays

  3. Dude you don't have to go that far Oregon is completely legal you can go right in the store and they will actually help you and tell you the best weed possible for your ailments don't even need the doctor anymore it's legal here

  4. Correction my friend. Zig zags are cigarillos with no guts inside. Your thinking about raw papers. That’s also hella old school. So it backwoods and swisher sweets. But I’m definitely not a pot smoker 😂. Great video though 😊

  5. I've never tried marijuana before in my life and I'm 41, but if medical marijuana was legal in TN I would try it for my chronic pain instead of the opioids they have me taking.

  6. I am 65 and I found out just 2 yrs ago people don’t use zigzag anymore they smoke blunts made from paper of cigars,I felt so old. And weed been legal here in California for a few years and it took me that long to not feel nervous around my young grandkids that vape it. I keep thinking of cops and handcuffs,God a I got even more popular with a couple older ones that vape weed.

  7. A trainee chef friend of mine way back,made some hot cookies and his mum and dad ate some while watching tv . When we went back they were soooo chilled and lounging around totally gone

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