1. Hey guys wanted to ask at what point do you start counting weeks for harvest is it from 1st preflower or from 1st full bud…I've seen 12 weeks from preflower and it wasnt even cloudy.

  2. Canadian first-time grower here. I really enjoy the level of professionalism and quality conveyed in these videos. To know and admit when you aren't conveying scientific knowledge is huge in my opinion. I've seen too many blanket statements saying to 'follow these steps for the best product'. I just want to make sure I'm providing a healthy environment for my girls to grow up in.

    I learned from this video that my region wont be great for a drying humidity and I'll have to be careful and mitigate any risks associated with that. I'll be trimming wet, so I don't have any extra mass with moisture to add to the drying time. (this could be a bad approach, maybe the stems dry faster and wick moisture away from the bud).
    I also learned that I would like to try 'letting the plant know its about to die.'

    Thanks for this video.

  3. Bro Help ! i have experimental outdoor pot plant that i planted in April.i didnt have time to water it properly so she is behind.she still have white tricomes and looks like it will never get milky and darker !! fang leaves are still green ! its late October and temp is going until 0 c !! maybe because cold weather she cant finish ? what do you suggest i do ? put her inside the house close to window and wait ?

  4. Great Video, love the hoodie! I would add that drying times in your location might determine if you want to chop dry or wet.
    I personally like to do it how you say when the plant is completely dried out itself and I get usually 5 to 7 days before it's dry but there's friends of mine in the desert climates and I know at least one guy likes his completely wet when he cuts down cuz it extends the drying to 5 to 7 days for him otherwise its dry in 3.
    We should find out the science behind this process I think, determine the best way to get rid of the chlorophyll, because as a newer grower myself, with only a few harvests, I still struggle most getting the proper dry and getting rid of that hay smell 100%.
    They all turn out ok after the cure, but folks always described as a 'slightly organic' tasting finishing (chlorophyll trapped likely) smoke. I flush 2 weeks last grow also good fade but im still not quite there.
    Stay up and thanks again!

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