Andrew Yang on MMA Labor Practices, UBI, Marijuana Legalization and More | SiriusXM | Luke Thomas

Andrew Yang is a Democratic candidate for President of the United States, mixed martial arts (MMA) fan and believer in universal basic income (UBI).


  1. Damn this is a very good interview. I did not see this one until now. Even non-MMA fans will appreciate this interview. Luke did a fantastic and fair job. Yang is legit.

  2. Including myself, alot of people said they would not vote next election, due to the last outcome…….and I believe the government KNEW this. So to get the people to change their minds, what could they do? Have a president talk about free money (1000 dollars a month), legalize weed, pardon all non violent offenders…… it me or does all this sound too good to be true???😕😕😕

  3. He's the only liberal who hasn't centralized his campaign around identity politics. Good enough for me. Unfortunately, he has exactly zero percent chance of winning.

  4. Suppress the corporate willingness to raise wages? Boy, that's a weird question.

    There is no corporate willingness to raise wages, Luke. You correctly identified the stagnation of wages over the last 50 years juxtaposed against the profitability of corporations. That isn't going to get fixed out of the goodness of their hearts. The fact is that labor is cheap and, as such, all but those in the most specialized jobs are disposable.

    UBI isn't going to fix this either. It is an incredibly flimsy bandaid on a structural problem that needs to be addressed through a complete overhaul of the system.

  5. Gee, Yang covers the entire spectrum!  Vote Andrew Yang for President in 2020!  I think the MMA could do a lot to populate Andrew Yang's candidacy!  MMA fans should bring Yang signs and hold them up during the shows–actually we should do this for all shows/performances that allow such.

  6. Yang needs more press. As a populist, much like Trump, an outsider with a bold stance on the issues. Its not a matter of left vs right,con vs lib,its about saving the Country and Democracy or Republic,however, you want to describe the corrupting elements.

  7. My first time here. Good talk, and I will be back to hear more. Now Mr Yang is favorite candidate for President. Not because of UBI, but for his approach to solve some of the problems we have in America. I was a small engine mechanic and my job was replace by stores selling equipment for the same price as a repair. This was ten years ago, and I had to change. I wish I had a $1000 a month then.

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