1. Bullshit !!! She fails to mention that a passenger or in a car that did not cause the accident people had thc in their system. People like that can go straight to hell or get a horrible disease and thc could help her but fuck no she will not get shit!!

  2. can I just say I've been high a lot and I have never gone out and still in a car I have never committed a crime I have never got a speeding ticket except once when I was a teenager I think I'm 17 years old and I got a ticket for speeding but apart from that never one speeding ticket I've never beat up my wife the only thing I did was ask my wife to make brownies in a frozen pizza 27 years old on a law-abiding citizen I work a full-time job and I smoke

  3. Let me see if I got this right, she doesn't want it to pass because it'll make her job a little harder? How is it whenever corporation and the wealthiest people in are society need something past then it's no problem, but when it comes to something that would make are life's a little easier then it can't be done.

  4. That bitch wants everyone to hurt and their damn livers dry up and you die. The bitch wants us dead. I have have to take OPIODS! careful its a sleazy evil word,anyway i have been on them for close to 10 yrs and its damaged my body beyond repair then this bitch blames pot for her shitty citys homicide rate!!!? What a horrible human sorry ass bitch she is!! I hope she is stricken with my pain but can't use pot or OPIODS!!!!

  5. Better to be stoned illegally than chewing fentanyl patches in our gum legally like my grandma because they'll give her about any dose of pain medicine she wants.
    Needless to say, she's almost burnt my house down 3 times falling asleep cooking pancakes, but guess what? I was HIGH AS A MF and saved the day everytime. If I wasn't high I'd be dead 3 times.

  6. Better than destroying your liver / kidneys/ eyes / heart/…. alchohol if way harder and it's legal wtf? Ppl are so dumb u can only get so high on marijuana anyways u will smoke urself sober if u smoke to much …… if u drink to much than u get alchohol poisoning like overdoses from hard drugs… if u go to the hospital for weed guarantee they'll just be like really!?… and have u wait it out

  7. they dont want to lose that income they get from the easy arrest and fine money for marijuana, Let the common people suffer as long as we keep this cash cow flowing.

  8. My body,my choice……..right?Good thing these rich dudes who been in the Senate since the 60s should definitely be telling me whats good for me. Nevermind my veteran status or what helps my quality of life. Im just about over Alabama and their non progression and I've lived here my whole life. We cant even get the gd lottery to help the state get out of debt,much less to do anything positive w the money. But lets go borrow some more from the govt bc the state can't even pay the cops, trash men, judges,and whoever else works for the state. Why do we have to be the least most progressive state at everything? The education system sucks,we have half of what other states have,and as much as i love being Republican,we can do better. Our jobs here pay nothing, illegals are taking over and not paying their fair share( why would they? And what tf are u gonna do) we can't buy beer on Sunday or lotto tickets. The lottery was gonna help the state get out of debt and help kids w good grades go to college……but fuck that. As long as them old people can get their beers on Saturday bin preparation for Sun……they good. Fucking hippocrits. I don't need pawpaw telling me marijuana wont help me sleep,ease my pain,my anxiety,my mf anger bc ima veteran who fought for OUR right to speak our peace.

  9. there are sick people who need this medicine….. there are many people NOT involved in unresponsible use of recreational marijuana…how many SURVIVE the use of marijuana in this nation daily…i predict more people will die in spacecraft in the future…so please tell Elon to CUT THAT SHIT OUT….we don't have anyone dying in space right now …the numbers will probably increase…just shut the space station down….
    ….Hey lady I don't care if you actually have to do your job nor do i care how hard it is…if you can't do it in America…then stand aside and someone else will do the Hard work you obviously would like to avoid…all you are worried about is your job being easy huh…people die in cars…think about how absurd this all is…alabama such a safe marijuana free zone…do a google search (how many fatal car accidents in Alabama) exact words…cause i know you are busy…working and all :
    There were 155,907 total car accidents in Alabama, a 5.73% increase from 2015. The number of personal injuries increased by 8.25%, to 47,653 reported injuries. Nine hundred ninety-four car accidents were fatal (a 25.98% increase from 2015). A total of 1,089 people died in fatal car accidents in Alabama.Mar 13, 2019 …..hey all without drugs …wtf ….you don't seem to be very good at your job now….probably that lazy thing…..Very soon this will be legal all over the usa ….
    i have not been to your wonderful state probably since before you were born…but….as per google:
    Alabama has fifth highest drunk driving deaths in 2017, study …
    Dec 31, 2018 – Alabama had a rate of 5.5 deaths per 100000 people. ….. The problem comes when people decide to consume alcohol
    ask any of your citizen ( not that you care what they think) which is more dangerous….pot or alcohol…and then ask how many would, if given the option ..not drink….how many lives would that save…
    ……more information:
    all from the year 2018
    A total of 1,089 people died in fatal car accidents in Alabama.
    …don't want to bum you out here but According to the Alabama Department of Public Health, there are 137.3 deaths each day in Alabama from all causes ….2.9 being in the cars (maybe car accidents are not the most dangerous things in your day)
    Speeding was the leading cause of fatal car accidents. (this is interesting…marijuana makes you drive slower…how many lives would be saved here)….. that would be 11 percent
    …..that proof here:
    “Instead of seeing an increase in fatalities, we saw a reduction, which was totally unexpected,” said Julian Santaella-Tenorio, the study’s lead author and a doctoral student at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health in New York City.
    Since 1996, 28 states have legalized marijuana for medical use.Deaths dropped 11 percent on average in states that legalized medical marijuana, researchers discovered after analyzing 1.2 million traffic fatalities nationwide from 1985 through 2014.
    …. an aggressive campaign for seat belts would offset an additional amount….
    Almost 60% of Alabama victims who died in car accidents were not wearing seat belts.
    The probability of dying in a vehicle crash is 57 times higher for front-seat occupants who do not wear their seat belts.
    ….my math fails me on exactly how many would be saved by wearing seat belts…there is no intuitive calculation but 57 times better odds sounds like a bunch more……
    …. and just to be very very silly….install your steering wheel in the back seat and drive from there lol
    In a short time the self driving cars will be chauffeuring you around and this will all be null and void but in the mean time some people that do not have your interest at heart should be fired from their jobs….

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