🧠Tumor Tales: CBD Oil, Rick Simpson Oil, Mystery Oil and some grass!

My name is Scot Pekarek. I have Brain Cancer (Grade 2 Glioma). Welcome to my story! Nothing could prepare me for this, but I’m going to fight for my life and the …


  1. Miriam’s video is no longer available!
    I hope it was her who took it down not Youtube.
    Prayers you have found something that will take this burden from you ! You and your family are in my prayers.

  2. i strongly believe the cannabis cancer connection is due to the effect cannabinoids have on the glutamate system , which is obvious because of its efficacy on epilepsy adhd and even outism – all having in common a glutamate system not working properly … i would hurry with the rick simpson oil ! the more often you take it the more you can take … i see you are starving the glucose mechanism and the rso will definitely have an impact on the glutamate metabolism of the tumor and if that is a positive impact should be seen in the coming mri.
    you are a hero !

  3. I read up on urine therapy about ten years ago, it was totally amazing learning all of its benefits, good health to you, I am now and n my journey to heal myself the best way that I can having no insurance, I’ve just ordered three weeks of panacur c, I’ll begin that as soon as I can get everything I need together, Blessings to you and your family.

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