Women Try Whoopi Goldberg’s Weed For Period Pain

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  1. I'm only 16 and I have Von Willow Brands. I have fainted, thrown up, screamed in the school bathroom for 15 minutes in pain untill my friends who are all guys can I'm and drove me to one of their house and I threw up every 10 minutes from pain. It's been a year and a half because of birth control and don't get my period but the pain is still there

  2. Wish Australia would legalise!
    I need this stuff in my life.
    Currently dealing with the worst first day of the "bloody tsunami" I can even remember, and it's only 9am, and I know it's only going to get 100x worse before the day is over.
    I wish I had access to something that would even just take the edge off, just so I could get out of bed.
    That would be amazing!

  3. People who say take medicine 😂😂😂 you guys who can take pills and feel better are so lucky. I almost had an accidental overdose trying to get rid of my period pain and I could STILL feel it. Medicine does NOT work unless it’s a massive quantity. I’d like to keep my liver/kidneys and get rid of my period pains 😂

  4. I've used CBD oil for almost a month now due to short term memory problems due to a history of seizures (13 years seizure free btw), and I know it's a cliché thing to say but I seriously believe that CBD oil is the cure all drug. If it doesn't "cure all problems", it's DAMN SURE close. Better than taking meds. For me, ever since I started taking CBD, my short term memory is ACTUALLY improving!

  5. This is prob the only buzzfeed story that isnt FAKE NEWS , even Queen Elizabeth of spain ate hash for cramps , weed is amazing , cbd , thc are wonder substances , im not going to say "drug" cause its weed is not a drug, its an herb.

  6. This is why we NEED federal legalization. Taking too much Tylenol or Midol will wreck your kidneys. Something like these products can be used when needed, not to get you high, but to take away the agonizing pain .

  7. This is too much for a 13 year old to do for cramps but I mean I'm scared to take pills so I mean advice ? Also does anyone find it easier to swallow gum than a pill , I think back to those days in 3rd grade when I would swallow paper for fun

  8. I had really bad cramps earlier, now I'm feeling a bit better after drinking some tea and taking a Tylenol. I felt like I was going to push out a baby they were so strong. I still want to try this method because my pain always fluctuates, sometimes there isn't any pain and other times it's unbearable 😢😩

  9. Dam I wish CBD was legal when I first got my period. Pain pills are unhealthy and waste of money cause there are side effects and doesn't rid the pain completely. Men need to educate and understand how excruciating cramps can be. I seriously would be in ER screaming, vomitting and unable to walk if I don't take my pain pills. Best way to describe it's pain is probably equivalent to having a kidney stone. 🙁

  10. I only occasionally have severe period cramps and I have cried in class and literally rolled on the floor in pain. Most of the time it’s just a low grade 2-3 pain through out the whole day, i can handle it, it’s just exhausting to do everything you have to even in low grade pain. If it gets legalized in my state I’ll definitely give this a shot

  11. Soo sad my government won't legalise even just medical marijuana I'm hunched in pain constantly my pmd lasts like 8 days then my period is a good 7-16days on average sometimes 21days at worse it hurts as bad as labor for me I have a 4 month old and just saying my labor lasts less time than a period… The fact we suffer is unbelievable

  12. I got so triggered at the "you have period cramps, take Advil" part. I've been told that before. I've got polycystic ovarian syndrome and tramadol/Percocet doesn't even numb the cramps I experience.

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