Michigan recreational marijuana legalization proposal certified by board

Michigan’s elections board says organizers of a ballot drive to legalize marijuana for recreation use collected enough signatures to qualify for the November …


  1. to get CBD oil for my seizures. Will I be able to buy it without a card? I haven’t gone through the process of trying to acquire it but it’s in the works. It would be nice to know what I will need to do.

  2. Its now on the Nov 6th ballot.Michigan did it! Im proud to be one of hundreds of thousands of signatures to get us on the ballots.good job mi.im proud of my people.now let's just take this one on home for all and vote a big whopping YES on our Nov 6th election.we deserve this.we came so far already.! We will all celebrate victoriously when we become one of the 1st 10 state's of the USA to have legalization.we are up on our game.Canada just taxed it last week.you know we can't let them outwit us😒 GO TO THE POLLS.IF YOU CAN'T WALK PICK UP UR ABSENTEE BALLOT AND VOTE YES.UR VOICE MATTERS.MICHIGAN NEEDS YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER! Thanks.

  3. Everybody who wants to buy marijuana can buy it anyway…So the only difference is whether or not you will get taxes for the state or not. I've been able to buy marijuana daily since I was 16 years old and that was over 20 years ago and it has never been a problem for me to get it… and I have never lived in a legal State. I would have appreciated being able to pay taxes on such a thing rather than having to do something illegal.

    Marijuana is a lot better choice than alcohol and some people will choose one or the other whether you like it or not…So vote to legalize it….or else you are just supporting the black market and all the rapes and murders that go along with it.

    Anyone who votes against the legalization of marijuana may as well be donating money to gang lords…

    Over a billion a year can be taxed by legalization…EVERY problem the state has can be solved with that money…

    THINK people…Think progress…

    Vote YES for recreational Marijuana!

  4. My brother has autism and would like to try CBD gas to see if it helps his symptoms. that lady is a very ignorant about the benefits. Where as alcohol has 0 benefits. not every decision is going to be 100% perfect. yes some people might die because of smoking marijuana but not everyone is going to want to smoke marijuana just because it's legal. but there wil also be a lot of lives saved because of the legalization of marijuana. cancer patients, it's been proven to help people and kids with neurological diseases and disorders. I'm excited for the future of medicine and to put these dumb pharma companies out of work which i'm sure that oldwoman is using to help with her health problems she has no clue how to get rid of

  5. Agencies like wmet who go after mom and pop weed growers all across west Michigan are gonna be dealt a serious blow with full legalization. No more tax dollars for these goons for breaking doors down and locking up good tax paying citizens. Time to smoke one and laugh at em

  6. No wonder the big corporations make lawsuits look like a weak way out, because a lawsuit is the only thing that will make them stop the criminal activity. THE government DOESNT STOP THEM. THATS FOR SURE. THE government PREYS ON THE GUY TRYING TO SURVIVE.

  7. An America where people smoke instead of doing other harmful drugs will make it a much safer and more peaceful place and I can't wait to see it take place in the near future. Congrats Michigan!

  8. Marijuana is a dangerous controlled substance. It destroys judgement, memory, perception and timing. It is also a pathway to opiate abuse. The same radical leftists who have taken over our schools, TV and media are propagandizing the issue. They are suppressing stories and studies showing the dangers, while saturating the airwaves with pro-drug propaganda. They want everyone on the junk because there's no such thing as a "conservative pot-head." Once people have been chemically lobotomized by pot and other drugs, they are much more easily controlled by the conspiratorial leftist elements in our government.

  9. 😠🔥🗽
    The new age form of regulated prohibition.
    I'm all about (decriminalization), release of all past possessors.
    fully legalize hemp farming. or make cannabis fully legalized like a tomato without government regulations/over sight.
    clearly less dangerous than alcohol, but should be a personal informed choice till age 25 for the brain to fully develop first, mine didn't durrrrrr…….
    if it was legal alot of the appeal would be gone. look at Portugal on full legalization of all drugs and use dropped and money went to clinics to help people administer the drugs safely and try to persuade them to get clean instead of jail a non-profit. I want coca tea!… lol

    this is going to ruin it for small farmers or become phased out. it takes it out of the hands of the people(many) and into the hands of a few.
    goodbye passion and compassion, hello greed and neglect/impersonable care.

    this is for mega corporations like Bayer-Monsanto(Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Agricultural) to get involved and who knows how they'll taint it, (crazy, but could be their greatest depopulation tool or to keep us distracted). Bet your sweet ass it's coming.
    banksters to invest in. ones who can just drop a mil to set up shop.

    look at the small Agro farmers over the decades, they get subsidized by the government to grow mono toxic GE crops and they don't even eat what they grow. they have been squeezed out…. a big mac would actually cost $13 bucks without the subsidies. poverty doesn't happen, its by design!
    (watch "in search of balance" on Netflix) watch Joel Salatin about food freedom.

    I like the current medicinal system, yes it has flaws that can be improved, what doesn't. you can actually provide one on one care for your sick/dying patient/'s.
    (only problem i see currently is uneducated people getting in using what ever they want on it and making bad medicine, just for the love of the money and getting buzzed, giving it a bad wrap), dispensaries don't test for everything, but that goes back to "know your farmer"!
    what i don't like is the gray areas that exist currently and dispensaries were never(legal) official state law.
    also people get random friends/patients, pay for their cards just to fill the spots to get the 5+yourself x12 plants=72 plant limit and just sell the (illegal) excess cured weight (over 1lb labeled curing loophole) to dispensaries(Middleman) for cheap.
    yeah i get it, to get started, but then get actual real patients and make a difference, for the cause, giving it a good wrap and the respect the plant and sick deserve.

    who wants to pay 16% tax on top of the donation already?
    It's not like the grower isn't already liable to pay Fed & State tax on yearly earnings and into social security doubled/matched for self employment!
    I'm not sure how it works, if dispensaries pay sales tax and just include it in the donation price or if they are non-profits.
    (off topic- but did you know Facebook is a non-profit? just learned about it, shocker)

    I do think we need a higher plant license tho, like Canada or better yet up the patient limit or even make it tiers that you progress through so you can actually make a decent living.

    why all the different specializations certifications, regulations, inspectors, extra taxes?
    Its going to raise tax's/expenses on growers/production across the board many times over.
    county governments already get to decide if they want it or not.
    i thought testing was already done, should be a cert to look for and again "know your farmer", it is your personal responsibility to find out what goes into your body, not a created security sector(FDA,USDuhhh)!

    only pro i see is the hemp legalization!
    i don't hear a benefit. cons defiantly out weigh the pros and i already get all those benefits. once this happens, we probably cant roll back. Only if their was a true free market.

    Let our state be different !!!! Make a counter offer!
    i dunno but I'm voting NO unless convinced otherwise!

  10. After people get a proper education and can make a their own choice knowing the consequence the law should not be in control of what people choose to do with their bodies..they do not own u

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