Marijuana’s Effects on the Brain

What is Marijuana’s Effect on the Brain? I get a lot of questions that have to do with marijuana’s effect on the brain. So, patients will ask me questions like, Does marijuana cause…


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  2. What about long term medical use? I am still trying to find a way out of not being as dependent on cannabis, but I have been ingesting it long term for my ptsd and mood disorders to regulate my behavior and awareness, is there real negative long term effects for my dependency? I’ve always regulated my usage to only alleviate my symptoms and episodes so I am sensitive about seeing it as addiction when some family members comment about me being a stoner or addict to cannabis.

  3. Though marijuana does not effects size and shape of brain on macro-level.. but is it effects on mind, isn't it.? Also What is difference between cannabis and marijuana in terms of percentage of THC…?? In India how much percentage of THC present in BHANG ?

  4. Hello Dr. Patel. I have a question for you today about Estrogen Receptor Positive breast cancer, and THC. Many American (US) doctors are going online and citing "anecdotal evidence" saying THC works as a plant estrogen thereby making ER+ hreast cancer WORSE. However, I have found research out of Japan, suggesting exactly the opposite.
    Here's a link to the same paper, from the NiH website:
    I am an ER+ breast cancer survivor, who also has lupus. I have been enjoying
    a much more active and pain-reduced lifestyle with best results from using
    high-THC cannabis oil ("RSO"). However, I feel some trepidation about the fact
    that US doctors are using "anecdotal evidence" online to suggest that I and
    others like me who would find great benefit from THC, are putting ourselves
    in harm's way. The research out of Japan is suggesting the opposite. Further-
    more, I do not get psychoactive results from THC. It is very calming for me.
    CBD, however, makes me feel extreme anxiety and causes panic attacks.
    THC is feeling very like a "miracle cure" for me. But USA doctors are saying
    it could fire up any ER+ cancer cells I may now or someday have. Whose
    work should I trust? The Japanese research, or the US anecdotal evidence?
    To me, the actual Japanese research seems the more sound of the two.
    What do you think? Thank you!

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