Is Marijuana Effective for Treating Mental Illness?

In this episode of the Psych Central Show, hosts Gabe Howard and Vincent M. Wales welcome Psych Central CEO and founder Dr. John Grohol to discuss …


  1. I have bio polar, I spent time in a mental hospital. While I was in the hospital I learned bio polar ranges from mild bio polar to extreme bio polar. I sit some where in the middle. I constantly swing between mania and depression. I stopped my meds and took cbd oil for 5 years, the strength was constantly increased, it helped a bit but it could not stop the swings between mania and depression, it dampen it only. A few months ago I was a whisper away from committing suicide and had to return to my meds, the whole time I was on the oil, it lowered my mania but did not stop it. Bio polar cannot be seen as one fits all, it varies and just as oil can calm you in some cases of bio polar, it's like trying to shoot an elephant with a air gun on the extreme cases like me. If you suffer extreme bio polar take the oil but keep your meds on standby because like me you may find one cure does not fit all.

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