How to make CBD oil (Simple Recipe)

cbd #cbdoil #cbdhemp #cbdedibles In this video I share with you my recipe for CBD here on our farm. We use MCT oil and our own organic CBD hemp flower!


  1. Hello
    Is this the process to take the THC out?
    Also do you have to use the flower for this process or can you use the other parts of plant leafs branches etc?
    My father in law has chronic back pain and I got him some oil but he was stoned all day and it didn’t do much for the pain😏

  2. Wouldn't grinding the dry flower before decarbing it be a better idea? I mean it'd expose more of the flower to heat and allow more of it to be decarbed thanks to the increased surface area.. It might also allow you to leech the CBD cold it if was small enough pieces.

  3. Do you sell the oil made exactly like this? If so, what are the price per oz? Which is more cost efficient, to buy and make the oil as you've demonstrated or simply purchase the oil? Thank you in advance for your response.

  4. Hello. Great video. I’m still learning about cbd oil. Are you using hemp or marijuana flower? If i use marijuana flower and if i decarb it and do everything else you have done in the video, would that make cbd oil with no thc? I want to learn how to make cbd oil with marijuana flower.

  5. Hey man, gonna be doing this soon and I was curious on how much of the CBD does this oil transfer from the flower if the flower im using is 7% tested. I plan on using avocado oil, thanks in advance!

  6. Hi from the uk, great vid very informative and well presented, could i have some advice please sorry if its a stupid question but i'm new to all this, before i purchase the magic butter machine i was going to try my slow cooker that has auto stir do i set it to the same 160 for 4 hours will it do the same job? thanks x

  7. I use a Mason jar with a "teabag" made out of coffee filters I stitch up and add how ever much flower to oil/butter to the jar . Tighten the lid and lay it in a crockpot then fill the crockpot with enough water to float the jar. Put the lid on the crockpot put it on low and go to sleep( I typically sleep 6-7 hours) wake up turn it off squeeze the teabag out into a bowl or what ever I choose and add the rest of what was in the jar to the squeezed oil then to the fridge to cool then enjoy!

  8. How strong compared to brands you can buy in the UK, would the oil be ? Also where can you get the best quality CBD hemp flowers in the UK? Thanks great video.

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