[How To] Make Cannabis Oil at Home in 2020

Looking to make weed oil at home? We’ve got you covered in this easy step-by-step guide showing how to make marijuana oil. We’ve decided to make this a …


  1. iso is actually not for consumption. Also it is very dangerous to heat that. Only clowns make it this way.
    But if you want to burn your house down. go ahead. just warning you. also iso is super toxic to inhale, or eat. so this method is for clowns.

    I know it is the rick simpsons method, but that was in 1974. Have you actually read the labels and info on your iso alcohol bottle?

  2. considering we are in an ISOPROPYL CRISIS rn…i was able to get some 71% isoporyl (1 500ml bottle) would this work or too weak? LMK you inspired me mr grobo man!!!

  3. Grobo would you agree on using a rice cooker or a coffee machine to speed up the evaporation process cause tbh I personally got very good results like this without damaging the product cause it seems that rice cookers heat it up just to the right temperature without compromising the product 🙂 For those in doubt the Isopropyl Alcohol gets totally evaporated, therefore leaving no harmful residues behind, you can web search evidence of this.

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