DIY Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil Fast ‘n Easy

The fastest and easiest method I’ve found for infusing a carrier with cannabis flower. Flower is decarboxylated inside of the oil and then squeezed through a French press all in one step. …


  1. So I made some. 1gm of cheese bud and 40 ml oil. Only wanted a small batch to try. How many drops should I take as 2 didn’t seem to have any effect. Did I dilute too much? Thanks.

  2. Didn't know it was this EASY! I like the idea of keeping it real, THC included. The most important component in Cannabis Oil IS the THC. Without it, it's useless.
    So, let's see if I got this right: Coconut Oil, Some good Buds, combine, heat for 1 hour on 235 degrees let cool and strain. I like the Coconut Oil mixture, not just for the taste, but it also has some medicinal values as well.

    I guess my last question would be, can the strained buds be used for smoking is you separate the coconut oil? Because In this video he sure looked like he used a lot of good weed. "Waste Not Want Not".
    Thanks, Dylan

  3. What if you wanted a very weak tincture to decrease negative side effects…say 99 percent thc distillate diluted in 300 ml of coconut oil…would the thc amount be 3.3g per ml? And .165 mg per drop?

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