Checking Trichomes: How to Know When to Harvest Weed | How long does it take Marijuana to flower

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  1. I have found for example in a room that size to check a bud or few that you haven't touch or handled at all and see what those tricomes look like.
    I have found that if you handle the flower too much it will turn the tricomes amber much sooner then the rest of the plant do to damaging the tricomes. ??

  2. Also if y dont have a jewlers loop you can use a smart phone camera and zoom in it works good if you have a good camera I used that way before I got a USB microscope

  3. Do you let the plants dry out before cutting them down? If so, for how long? In other words, for how many days do you stop watering before harvest day? Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the info very helpful. Have a few strains critical plus and Munster profit from heavy weight seeds supposedly they should have been done late Sept but it’s already the 2nd week of oct is that not too much out of the norm ?

  5. Nicely done. One of the best videos I have seen on the subject of when to harvest. Still can be tricky but this helps a lot.

    When the buds at the top of the plant are ready does that mean you harvest the entire plant? Or do you check the bottom branches too and maybe let them go a bit longer if needed? I grow outdoors and have gotten a bit more yield when I let the bottom branches get some more sun for a few weeks. What is your opinion. Thanks.

  6. So when the trychomes have the desired colour you start flusing and then harvest after 7-14 days? (How do you know how long to flush?
    Or do you harvest when the trychomes are the desired colour and you time and flush before this stage and then harvest?

  7. Very nice.. thanks for sharing.. I don't have a jewelers loop but I use a magnifier app on my phone, and it does wonders.. just advice for peeps without a magnifier. FABULOUS GARDEN MY DUDE. CHEERZ 👌

  8. This becomes even more specific when dealing with Autoflower strains as the tells are different that those of standard photoperiod plants. In fact the tells that are used for photoperiods are often misleading when applied to most Autoflower strains. Btw flushing is to remove salt build up in the root ball, not to remove excess nutrients from soil, also flushing is not necessary if using organic nutes (at the very least a flush of less enthusiasm is merited).

  9. So when the trichomes turn amber from then on you should start to flush your plants?
    How long does a flush takes daily? should you flush it for a few minutes and measure the runoff and then put your plants back under the light and continue this for a few days until the trichomes turn 60% amber? i'm kinda new in this field so don't shoot me if i say something stupid :p

  10. great buds man your stuff is beautiful, I have a question cuz I grow in coco coir but I've been flushing for over a week almost 2 now and the leaves don't yellow? should I just chop it and cure or push the flush longer?

  11. One way for me to tell if a grower knows what he's doing is when he's standing in front of a sea of massive buds "Like a marijuana delivery truck fell over in his grow room"
    God damn what a beautiful grow!

  12. you guys going to understand that's why cannabis is discriminize because the chemical properties that you're using stop using chemical tone poem and use natural water only and they won't have a problem

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