Cancer Patient Speaks Out About Medical Marijuana

After Joseph Casias was treated for life-threatening sinus cancer, no medicine could ease his pain until his oncologist suggested medical marijuana. Now that …


  1. I use natural method to kill cancer. Theresa’s Cancer Regimen Under the radar of the chemo companies.
    I researched cancer on my own and was shocked about the chemo and radiation not being cancer specific. It’s pretty darn easy to rid of. The regimen consult is person specific. You are educated on what kills cancer cells and what to buy to get rid of it. It’s getting so popular I now do these consults full time. It’s the best chance you have. Don’t wait until it has spread. My latest patient had leukemia. She would call me every blood test day until she was cancer free. I do a one time consult charge and stay in contact with them until the cancer is gone tweaking the regimen along the way. It all started with me, cured, the my older brother, cured and it went on from there.

  2. I smoked marijuana the whole time I fought cancer and I was healthy the whole time. I never took nausea medicine or pain killers I was Gucci and beat osteosarcoma bone cancer in a year.

  3. Fuck the Laws… May God bless every individual in this existence, but you know damn well if those who made the laws got sick, they can easily travel to a state where marijuana is legal. United States? No, we’re divided!

  4. Folks let me tell you what CBD will has done for my adult children, both with mental disorders!!!! My son is 32 & suffers with rapid fluctuating bipolar disorder!! I'm 62 years old and my son is the meanest person I have ever known!! he rages every day!! I gave him a 30 day supply of CBD oil and for 30 days my son was a gentle giant, literally a docile baby!!!for 30 days we had A normal son!!! he spoke in low even monotones, let alone the raging!! Sadly at the end of 30 days when the CBD oil was gone the monster returned!!! Now about my daughter HARMONY she is 37 and has suffered her entire life with and on diagnosed progressive degenerative muscle disease!!! To make a very long story short she is down to a feeding tube by her request because she can no longer chew and swallow. There has been much depression severe depression as you can imagine!? no drug has ever helped over 12 year period!! NEVER!!!!!!! I'm condensing things here! The first time I gave my daughter CBD oil it was four 10 mg capsules! In an hour and a half my speechless daughter wrote me the following unsolicited note,"Daddy I feel very calm & @ last my racing thoughts ceased"!!!!!!! Subsequent "made after subsequent doses of CBD, "daddy it feels good to be able to think" & "nothing they've ever given me has made me feel so well" & "it feels good to feel good in my mind again"!!!! Please share my story the marijuana wave is coming and it's going to hit the beach soon!!!!!!!

  5. I think it's painfully obvious. I'm a firm believer in God and his Grace he gave us through Jesus. HE MADE THIS FOR US! He gave us every plant on this earth to use as we need and it's ridiculous that our legal system stops us. If it grows naturally, it was made for us. It's as simple as that

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  7. It shouldn't be taken away from anyone, it's 100% natural and grows in the ground… People should be able to make their own minds up. I use it for medicinal purposes as well as personal development/spiritual reasons. It has other benefits than just medicinal 🙂

  8. sad thing is i am growing illegally for my friend who has brain cancer i need to grow a pound to make 60grams of oil taking 2 grams a day to cure brain cancer . Sadly i will be luckey to get 3 oz of bud as i double feed my plants and they are all dieing 🙁 FUCK!!! I will still try and make this for my friend i wish i was legal here in australia my friend might have a chance

  9. Well, yes, it can help desperately ill people, and nobody has ever died from it, but you see some people use it for fun, so we have to take it away from everybody. Taking it away from people who use it for fun is vastly more important than sick people having a medicine which works.

    OK feds, do you hear how dumb that sounds?

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