White Widow Auto Flower – Crop King Seeds – Harvest

A couple videos of the last 3 auto flower seeds from Crop King. Each plant displayed alot of unique characteristics and varied alot in size. I do like the aspect of …


  1. Omfucking goodness’s love that is sooooooo beautiful now that’s the widow when I was young, I’d love to tok that one, I’ve got some from Vermont it’s white n beautiful lizard 🦎 cinnamon

  2. I grew a White Widow Auto from Crop King a few summers ago in a 6' X 6' Raised Bed. Massive autoflower man! I harvested in early September (In southern Ontario Canada) – Easily got a pound dry.

  3. I just started using crop king because of excellent customer service, I have grown ww buds the size of 16 ounce soda bottles but never got that white color, I'm sure I could have let the plant grow a few more weeks but I needed some meds asap and probably cut a bit to soon, I'm starting my next grow as we speak, crop king , f'ing increasable indica , seeds are in water tonight , hope all goes well as my supply is getting low

  4. I'm finishing up 4 ww autos myself. Got a few questions. 3 of the four look identical. But they all have 5 finger leaves. Is that normal with crop king ww?? Every other one I've seen has at least 7. And the 4th plant is 5 weeks behind the rest but started same time. AND it's very different from the other 3. It actually looks like ww I've seen. But I don't know why it's SOOO far behind.

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