What's Really in Your Weed?

Daniel Yazbec explains his app Cdx, a pocket-sized laboratory that allows you to know the exact chemical composition of your weed, and which strain is right for …


  1. What if this was just a computer chip with a shitload of pre loaded data that just gave random information..I mean he said it “you’re always going to need the lab” so why waste money for incorrect data?

  2. Um, cocaine is actually a schedule 2 drug. That’s part of the problem. How can cocaine be considered less dangerous, when it is literally made up of sulfuric acid, gasoline, and some times rat poising and glass to mention a few.

  3. Any updates on this kind of technology in 2020?
    If anyone reading this were to be kind enough to give us all some feedback on the original testers accuracy ill take a gram to the dome for ya ;D

  4. If I were to buy a testing unit like this, I'd be more interested to see if my stuff has shit I don't want in there (like pesticides, mold, other drugs like heroin n shit)

  5. I call B.S I bet I could just put random shit in that little pod and it wont know the diffrence. If somthing like that actually existed what would be the point of a lab ? This is like some magical weed pokedex…give me a break… what does it do to the sample to analyze it ? Is there some kind of solvent or does it take a picture lol I would like to understand what this thing does vs what a lab would do

  6. I just saw the post I'm just making a comment back in the day there was nothing but weed in my weed but now that it's legal they f*** it all upI'm just glad I lived in a time where I could enjoy something simple I'll take it

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