1. Oh man,i was so desparate to have a clean and free nose , i used tap water for nasal irrigation,now all i see is how people died after using tap water . ,😣 M scared now.

  2. Nice video.
    Vicks rub really works!
    Ive had mucus problems going on 2 years.
    Recently i could feel and even hear mucus in my ears.
    I put vapor rub on my chest and it really does help.
    But still struggle with sputum.
    Post nasal drip is so annoying.

  3. Vicks should never be used around the nose. It contains camphor which can cause problems breathing (including known deaths) and is poisonous if ingested. Please remove your video.

  4. I was just going to use a tea pot or a coffee holder.. I'd just wash it out really well, boil water, let it cool to lukewarm then add my solution (I got a kit with the saline stuff, just no water bottle on me). It might be harder to pour but I'd rather try it than not, i'm going on a plane today

  5. Does this woman even realize that when you heat saltwater, its vapor isn't saltwater? Basic goddamn chemistry even a 10 year old knows. This is the entire process for desalination. Skip the salt and use the water. It'll boil faster than saltwater and then you can go lay down sooner

  6. that's because your blood vessels are inflamed in the membrane, that lines your nostrils. didn't you not watch or even hear a word she said? and of your nose is clogged, you should de-clog them with the remedies she just mentioned. -__-'

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