Growing CANNABIS AT Home Backyard Grow In todays Outdoor weed grow update I am showing you my grease monkey. She is around 4-5 weeks flower …


  1. You're doing a good job! Your plants are showing minor deficiencies, but overall they're healthy. I'd spank those buds with regular feedings of liquid bloom (NPK 0-10-10) and liquid kelp (micronutrients). You got several plants so don't be afraid to experiment.

  2. I am brand new and this is my first year. We are flowering now and also just had a frost the other night here. Should I cut them down? Ahhhh I don’t know what I’m doing ! Please help !

  3. It looks pretty good. I can give you a tip how to make them more "frosty" This product called Green Planet Rezin. You can find it on Amazon for $110.00 a Gallon. Best shi* on the market period. Make hella frost. You can use it for every single watering once you start to flower that is when you use it for every time you water. It's basically vitamins for the buds. Also another tip, when you grow out door, you have to check each leaf underneath for spider mites, because they are really hard to see and they suck bad. So check for that. If you do have pest , there is only a few options to spray during last weeks of flower that won't harm it if you have to.

  4. Looking good,A plant in bloom that size should be drinking 2litres a day at most,she will frost up then.Best them frost up late than to early anyway.everyone has there own way which is cool,i always do two weeks of flush before harvest.shes a good size

  5. 1:50 I notice the damage before I notice the poop. Good to see you still safe out there. And by the way I am 100% legal to grow now. So I will be posting some videos here soon. I am just getting started growing. First time actually growing. Its so awesome to say I am growing and not have to worry about if cops come knocking at the door.

  6. I agree with what you're saying about not liking liquid nutrients and thinking about dry organics. I'm going to do dry organic for my 2nd run. Check out Mr. GoodBuds. He does dry organics, and I think he gave you a shout out in one of his last videos. Your plants look great! ✌️

  7. Hey sac sis!!…ur plants look beautiful!!..mine r about 1 month or less behind urs…learning so 😌 much here ..p.s…..tht white butterfly 🦋 is the one laying the eggs on ur plants tht give u those green caterpillars..i grow collard greens 😋 and know about those 🦋 and caterpillars eating me plants up..nets help to keep them off..fenna go ✔ me tricones..tht plant is beautiful 😍…1

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