Transplanting Cannabis plants. Step by step

Today we are Transplanting the cannabis plants out of their solo cups and into 1 gallon pots. Watch and learn how simple this very important step in growing is …


  1. Came upon your videos a couple of weeks ago, your tips definetely helped me leave my plants alone and let them be. They never been happier! Thanks a lot
    I got a question tho. What if i sprout seeds straight into the final pot?(3 gallon pots) is there any cons of doing so?

  2. What are you using for soil when you transplant? I know you don't like to endorse particular brands, but… a local Hydro shop closed down during this pandemic and I ended up using Box Store soil and the plants didn't enjoy it at all. I transplanted into them 1 Gallon's a little early so I could use some Fox Farms Ocean Forest and they seem much less near-death, so that's a promising sign. I'd love to see a soil-oriented video!

  3. Where are all the subscribers? Tons of great info on this channel. It has to be so frustrating to be putting out awesome videos but waiting for YT to start recommending them. Thanks for all you do!

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