1. The Southern Poverty Law Center is a left wing "non-profit" group that pays it's founders a 1/4 of a million dollars each a year plus benefits. It's not surprising they call the Proud Boys a hate group. BLM and Antifa are hate groups. They hate the police, conservatives, the mayor and anyone who does not believe the same as they do. An Antifa sympathizer recently admitted to committing a murder in downtown Portland.

  2. A spineless Mayor giving meaningless, ineffectual response only heard on local media is neither "clashes" with POTUS and knowing it has no effect,power or strength means
    nothing with No effect nor on his unpopularity.

  3. The Oregonian today reported a Deonte blah blah shot and seriously wounded 2 police officers sitting in their police car. He said after caught he didnt like cops. 17th felony. Then that evening guess what? Another riot in front of the police station screaming they hoped the officers died. And you wonder why racism will never go away.

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