The Largest Colorado Cannabis Smuggling Ring & Its Downfall With Chris Walker From The Syndicate

Or Go To Scotty Real Is Hanging Out & Waking & Baking With Chris Walker- host of The …


  1. Have lock out in my coco I put in at 5.8 its coming out as high as 6.4 I rotate recharge and general hydroponics nutes every mon and friday in 5 gallon pot new grower any help would be great i just got clearex and flushed with ph water should i be adding a just ph water to my rotation so for example feed nutes,then next water with recharge that what I do but should i add a just phwater to my schedule?

  2. Hey scotty you might wanna put an earbud in and monitor your mic. Some rough audio in this one. The sucking air noise on the hitter or whatever is unpleasant af, sorry man. Also the coughing almost burst my ears lol. Monitoring yourself with an earbud would let you hear what we hear and change your mic etiquette naturally.

  3. As someone who used to obsess over Kesey, Leary, Owsley, and that bust in Kansas City in the 90s/00s, counter culture, and acid culture in general, not to mention my own involvement in illicit activities…. I really love this episode. They just got a new listener for sure. Dudes a great journalist.

  4. Tony Veruza from Riverrock and United Cannabis paid for my med card at Cohens office in 2015…..I was stalked and harassed all over the state went up to Oregon stalked and harassed all the way to Maine caught somebody trying to murder me on video…….think we can work and meet our medical cannabis needs? Nope. Quit your job and pay for a Nursery License!

  5. Great guest Scotty. You’re doing a bit of your own journalism on this bit here asking all the right drill down questions and giving accent expressions when needed. DGC since last year

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