The Auto Booth S2 Ep. 7 | 4 Strain Autoflower Grow | Full Harvest (Dry, Cure, & Yield)

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  1. Good stuff man!!! I know last episode you said we are here for the yield but that is so not true, you give us so much knowledge . Keep up the great work!

  2. Somehow I am having more trouble with Autos than I did with regular photos plants. The first one the seed came up with just a seed head and never grew. The GG#4 I am growing now would fit under a solo cup at 4 weeks. Now I have a White Widow that is not germinating. Then I see all that bud. Damn, , , ,

  3. This dude playing with my mind, one moment he's hand all messed up in a brace, next he's bare handed squishing it and giving thumbs up. Then he's back to a brace…. Determination 👍

    I started a small grow newbie. just so u know airy or not that gooood

  4. So I'm a new grower and I popped 3 seeds at first one live two died originally. I planted a gelat OG a badazz cookies and a white Widow… the white widow lived…. please LMK what I'm doing wrong… they died two weeks after sprouting…so please mr goodbuds my ig is egotrip 095

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