The 6 Strongest Strains of Marijuana Today

While marijuana continues to become more accepted and more people become marijuana consumers, the demand for new strains increases. Consumers are …


  1. This is how to make weed have a vegetation a vegetation budding and a budding stage. I'm the only one who knows how to do this. In the vegetation budding stage the lateral and terminal buds are the same size so when in the final budding stage all the buds finish off the same size giving a huge harvest. You need a 3 stage growing system putting a water pan undernieth the pot putting rocks at bottom of pot then peat moss on top of rocks then soil on top of peat moss. This is a natural hydroponics that can be used for outdoor growing as well. This is needed to be able to put plants in all 3 stages. First put plants in 24 hour lighting for at least 2 weeks. Then put plants in 22 hour lighting for at least 2 weeks. Then put plants in 20 hour lighting for at least 2 weeks. Then put plants in 18 hour lighting for at least 2 weeks. Then put plants in 24 hour lighting for at least 2 weeks. Then put plants in seventeen hour lighting. All 3 different types of weed all started budding on the same day 2 weeks later. One plant grew new buds every 2 weeks another plant grew new buds every 3 weeks. The other plant didn't grow any new buds after it started budding. So some plants need to adapt to bud more. Then put plants in 12 hour lighting to go into full budding stage. This is all l will tell that at the end of the 3rd stage you'll get a huge harvest every 2 to 3 weeks. You have to manipulate the plants with lighting to do this.

  2. High THC can be a holy experience. That said why not breed for flavour aroma etc its equivalent to beer and whisky. Liquor is quicker but where's the enjoyment in a one hit quitter?

  3. People get so starstruck on thc levels.

    Who has a 5000w audio system with no equalizer and the volume turned all the way up? Or, who needs 500hp in a car unless you are racing?

    There is much more to cannabis than thc with other cannabinoids, terpines, etc, just saying…..

  4. Just FYI for the guys who don't know this but "strongest strains" is utter bs. this is relative thc% for each strain if cured PROPER/ last year we had ghost train haze and others which weren't that powerful , just in numbers. Today we have different list. and you know what? i tried 80%+ of them and most of them are just… meh.. I have a high tolerance but sometimes 17% thc strains like Sour OG packs more of a euphoric punch than those ones. it's all about how your body's UNIQUE chemistry reacts to the cannabinoids. You could smoke the same strain (lets say straw cough). you'd feel hazy and relaxed while your counterpart would feel energetic and uplifted. Today you can get a dime a dozen of those 30%+ strains but you know what? none satisfied me the way certain strains I KNOW will based on genetics.

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