Sweet Potato Harvest Best Return In The Weed Free Garden 9-21-2020 #gardentips

Harvesting sweet potatoes from the weed free deep mulch garden part 1. It got dark and then rained for a day. Part 2 will include the results of the 2 experiments …


  1. I wish i could send u a picture of the huge alien sweet potato i dug up in a bucket. It had been in there for probably 2 years. My grandson said it look like an old woman's foot with a brain coming out of it. It was very creepy looking. Way Over a foot in length and 8 inches deep at some spots1😳

  2. I love the excitement! I love digging potatoes I feel that excitement too! I don't dig sweet potato but I heard you say you were going to eat it same day I watch alot of video they say lay them out to dry n cure in a cool place for two weeks before you eat to make them sweet. Eating right away there not to sweet.

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