Seed To Harvest: 30-Day Flip To Flower! NO PLANT TRAINING!

In this video, I take you through one of my past grows – from seed to harvest. In order to switch things up a bit, I only vegged for 30 days and then flipped to …


  1. Wow so close to 100k subscribers! I'm so grateful! Thank you all for tuning into my content. I recently switched editing software from Vegas Pro to Premiere Pro so I'm learning editing all over again. This video is the first one I edited with the new software. Using this new software should result in better videos. Hope you enjoy! 🙂
    Link to book on Amazon:
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  2. Hey nice vid and review I just did orange push pop review and I got a whole bunch of other strains shatters hashes and moon rocks u may like or a how to take series were I make bongs out of things like watermelons

  3. I have been growing for about 17 years. I grow in perlite medium, modified hempy bucket, dry nutrients, Maxicrop, H202 and molasses crystals (.8 ml/gal). I recently ran into a problem- pH meter was off- yellowing of top and some bottom growth- Now I check, clean and adjust my meters more regularly. It happens. Great enjoyable content- well put together. Thank you

  4. I grew the strawberry cough this season, about the same yeilds, chocolope, and super lemon haze. Love the videos and showing the mistakes, that's how we learn best. Keep up the growth. 1Love TMS

  5. So I got a vivosun 300w led with a veg and flower switch. It's my first grow and its autoflower, my question is once they start flowering should I use just the flower spectrum or the flower and veg spectrum?

  6. Thank you so much for all your time. I currently grow my medicinal, for me and my grandfather. Your channel, more than most, Has helped me identify problems in my garden that have really improved my understanding of plants in general. I appreciate your time. Thank you again

  7. quick tip. ph acid kills microbes. if you are using microbes then you do not need to ph the water . the soil buffers itself i have grown this way for 4 years now and never have issues

  8. Hey Chris, where do you purchase your seeds? Are you allowed to say on YT? If not where can I get the info on where you get your seeds. Asking from Sacramento, CA! Much love from NorCal!

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