S:5 Ep:11 Organic Outdoor Cannabis Grow 2020

This is a Age Restricted Video from a legal OMMP registered grow site. Sponsor’s Silver Squirrel Farms Silver Squirrel Farms Seed Souvenir Inquiries Instagram …


  1. Sorry to hear about the bud rot, From what i see in the video they still look pretty good, I mite message you over in Instagram, My goal is to pick up some good seed's from solid breeders (i want to ask a few questions) you use SSF every year & the plants appear to turn out great year after year. Talk to ya later. Nice Job!!✌

  2. Garden looks great GroBro! I'm going to incorporate a couple of your garbanzo beans with the Mungus bean sprouts teas next season into my garden. This season I only did one Mungus bean Sprout tea. Love your garden AA much respect!👊😁

  3. The Willamette Valley was cruel this year but you managed to bring up some beauties, there's some real meat there. The broad variety of phenotypes is notable, what an adventure to try each one on some cold Winter days…

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