Rice Experiment Final Outcome Sept. 2020

Well, I don’t have rice for the pantry, but I think I advanced a little bit on the learning curve to growing rice. I’m actually excited to try this again next year and do …


  1. Good Luck next year. One thing I learned from my rice experiment is that the birds absolutely love the ripe grains. I waited one day too late for my harvest and the birds had cleaned out every kernel. I was so disappointed. I used old coolers with a drain spout and filled them to 3 inches from the top. Next year I'll be covering the rice with bird netting made with cheesecloth before it ripens completely. Much Love

  2. I’m wondering if you put some fish in a pond and planted rice it would grow better? Maybe it needs the fertilizer from the fish, just like aquaponics does? Idk….

  3. When you first planted this I watched several Youtube videos on harvesting wild rice in your part of the country. Very interesting. I know they're not the same plants, but I'd love to have the ability to have both. Hope you have the results you want next year.

  4. Rena, you did a great job. Had the frost not gotten the plants, you would have had rice to eat. The Arkansas rice farmers have the fields sprayed by plane to kill out the weeds and grasses. Then when the plants get to be tall, they flood the fields with 6" of water. The wells are often turned on daily in the heat of summer to keep the water depth. I don't remember the exact harvest date, but they drain the fields and dry out what they can to be able to get the combines in to harvest. My oldest son's Grandfather, had huge floatation tires on the tractors and combine!
    This was not a failure, it was a weather caused event.

  5. I can't wait to see what happens next year. Rice is one crop I don't know anything at all about. I didn't know where on the plant it even came from. 🤞 when you grow anything the first time if you learn something it is a success wether you get a harvest or not it is still a success. ❤

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